Kerala Nostalgia is a unique endeavor to maintain a good relationship among the next generation of non-resident Malayali community, who are scattered among different parts of the world. The descendants of Malayali, who are born and brought up outside Kerala, have no bond to their native land, its culture or language. As these young people adopt the culture of the place where they stay, they do not get a proper Malayali lineage. Instead, they perceive a mixed culture and are always treated as immigrants by the natives of the land where they live. At present, there is no platform for these NRI children to keep in touch with their ancestral land, culture, and family. This forum enables scions of Malayali who live in any part of the world to communicate with other Malayalis, keep a constant touch with their culture, language, religion or cast. Hence, help them realize their heritage and remain connected to Kerala always. This is an action plan to help the future NRI generations to stay connected and to understand their heritage here

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