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Development of Kerala Tourism
Amarthyasen is a World renowned person, who has a very clear vision on the development of Kerala tourism. In his view Kerala is an example for many countries. We own the first position in Education and Health rate in India. Kerala could make this social growth even without an economic base, Professor Sen is considering this is the significance of Kerala model.
While considering the statistics, Kerala could not make any development in the sector agriculture and business which are the main part of the economy. At the same time we made an amazing growth in the service sectors like Health, Education and Banking. We have to make it clear. Without any industrial or agricultural development, can Kerala make even a slight move of evolution only with the development in the service sectors? Not possible actually. In fact it is eminent for Kerala, to become the place where there are many best institutions providing the best academics. People are going out of state and other countries for better education. It is time to make a change. There must be a situation where people can come to Kerala for a better education. Banking is another sector which is live and energetic in each corner of the state. If we can include IT, Computer and financial transaction also to the service sector that will be a vital benefit for our economic growth. More than this, Tourism gives us various hazards. Kerala can standout in this field.
Kerala is naturally capable for tourism. Coconut yard and the fringe of rivers and other water ways are the exclusives of Kerala. And more to that, each banks of Kerala’s see is wide and attractive. We have a very good weather condition compared to other countries. We have a very balanced weather condition where the European countries are snowy. That attracts the European tourists to the state. We never go the hottest or the coolest weather. Tourists will consider the education, growth in health, peaceful surroundings, cleanness, behavior of the people living and the life style of the people of the place to where they are going to. Kerala is ideal for all. Kerala have the International airport facilities and better railway amenities.
Even though Kerala have many pros, there are many cons too. We don’t have the attractive spots like Taj Mahal or the great wall of Chaina. We also have the problem of space availability. Density of the people is very large even in villages. That affects the privacy of the tourists.
Tourists have to travel a lot to reach Kerala. For the people coming from America, Europe and Japan Kerala is a place which is far away. The time to reach the state is making the tourists think about it again. Our service status is very low compared to the rest, which affects the tourism of the state. Government has to establish liberal tourism policies in a state like India. We must have a perfect view on this and the Government has to consider tourism as a business as well.
From 1970 we are using the money from Gulf States to make luxurious homes. For discouraging that the building tax started. If it stops it will be a benefit for hotels. Government has the responsibility to study all the possibilities to make a better tourism in Kerala.
Private sectors have an essential role in Tourism. Instead of building resorts and hotels it is better to give the chance to the investors offering them tax reduction. The existing excise policies are making it down. We have to focus on the benefit of people and the society at the same time. Same in the case of labor policies. There must be an equal consideration for labors and the investors.
There is a wide range of job opportunities in Tourism. We can make the biggest development in the economy of Kerala and the traditional art forms.
For a better tourism in Kerala, the first priority is for the fundamental requirements. Even we have better facilities compared to other states, we are only good if we consider internationally. If we are talking about the back water tourism, Kerala is one among. In addition to this, Ayurveda is our wealth. We have an ancient heritage of the same. We could spread it all over the world with the Health Tourism programs. Eco tourism is the next scope. By preserving the ever green forests and the mangroves we can promote it.
We can also establish the food habits and the taste of Kerala. Today the world is running behind the Chinese food. Then second option is Indian food. But Kerala is not under consideration. If we are introducing the Malabar taste to the world, that will be a very good point in addition. It can also give publicity to the spices of Kerala.
Along with our language, culture and the traditional art forms we also have to preserve the Kerala tourism. We can bring out the prosperity of Kerala tourism also through our arts forms like Kadhakali, Mohiniyattam, Theyyam, Thullal, Kalarippayattu and also the Boat race.


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