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Ayurveda is a therapy that provides holistic wellness. When modern medicine solely depends on the body, Ayurveda treats both body and mind that is what it is called total wellness. In this therapy, the body gets purified when the toxin is eliminated and the mind gets purified when it is rejuvenated. Rather than a treatment, Ayurveda is a way of life that when practiced well, reduces toxins from the body and hence chances of getting ill are null. Ayurveda considers, imbalance of three elemental substances or doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) results in illness. Ayurveda evolved hundreds of years ago in India, nowadays it has become a tremendous selling point for Kerala’s tourism industry.

Kerala has a number of Ayurvedic treatment centers that offer different types of therapies like Rasayana Chikitsa or Rejuvenation Therapy that rejuvenates and strengthens all tissues, Kayakalpa Chikitsa or Body immunization and longevity treatment for retarding the aging process, Sweda Karma or Body Sudation is a medicated steam bath that eliminates impurities from body, Panchakarma treatment for overall fitness, Meditation and Yoga for mental and physical wellbeing, Cosmetic and body slimming treatments etc. Rainy season from June to September is ideal for Ayurveda treatments.

In general Ayurveda treatment are of two kinds. One just for rejuvenation and other for treatment of any particular disease. So select your treatment center according to your requirements. Because some Ayurveda centers are good in rejuvenation therapy and some are good in treatment. If you are planning for any Ayurveda programs, whether it is rejuvenation or treatment choose Ayurveda centers approved by the department of tourism. We will assist you in finding authentic Ayurveda treatment centers at a reasonable cost. Our team can help you to choose best Ayurveda packages to suit your body and requirement.

Ayurveda in Kerala

Ayurveda is a treatment system that developed in ancient India. Ayurveda considers, imbalance of three elemental substances or doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) results in illness.  Rather than just a treatment, Ayurveda is a way of life that if one practices it well, reduces toxins from the body and hence chances of getting ill.

Kerala has the natural abundance of herbs and medicinal plants. The monsoon season of Kerala is ideal for rejuvenating treatments because, during this time, the atmosphere remains cool, opening the pores of the body to maximum hence making it receptive to oils and therapy. Kerala has a unique system of medicines and practices with absolute dedication. All these reasons make Kerala the ideal destination for Ayurvedic treatments.

Major rejuvenation treatments in Kerala are:

Nasya Ayurveda Treatment

Panchakarma is purification and detoxification treatment in Ayurveda. Panchakarma means five therapies which are Vamana (removes Kapha toxin from body), Virechana (removes pitta toxins from body), Vasthi or enema (cleanses accumulated toxins through colon), Nasya (applying medicated oil through nose to cleanse Kapha toxins from head and neck) and Raktamokshana (procedure to cleanse blood and is advised only in rare condition).

Abhyanga is massage therapy which involves a total body massage using herbal oils. This tones up the skin rejuvenate and strengthen tissues. This is a good treatment for rheumatism.

Elakizhi is sudation or swedana process using herbal leaves. I this the body is massaged with herbal leaves which are tied in a linen cloth in the form of boluses which is dipped in warm oil. This is highly effective for sprains and cramps, arthritis, chronic back pain, spondylosis etc.

Njavara kizhi is another rejuvenating treatment using njavara, a variety of medicinal rice grown in Kerala. After applying medicated oil, the body is massaged with warm linen bag bolus containing herbs. This is effective for chronic back pain and rheumatic conditions.

Pizhichil is a therapy in which lukewarm medicated oil is poured all over the body and gently rubs the oil all over.

Udwarthanam is a body massage with herbal powders and this is used for obesity and rheumatic conditions

Dhara is a continuous applying of medicinal oils on forehead or body in a special manner. Therapy for stress, mental tension etc.

An Ayurvedic therapy purifies body after removing toxins accumulated in the body, enhances and restores the essential balance of body and mind.

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