Kannur was the capital of Arakkal kings who ruled the place once. A part of the palace is converted to museum and is managed by Arakkal family. Kannur fort or Kannur kotta is another nearby tourist attraction. The Kotta is a historic monument built by Portuguese.  Mappila bay is a beautiful natural harbor, just a short walk away from Kannur Fort and Arakkal Palace. Payyambalam beach is another popular hangout spot. Muzhappilangadi Drive-In-Beach is a world class drive-in-beach in Kannur.

Parassinikadavu Temple (Sree Muthappan Madappura) is one of the famous shrines in Kerala. The temple is located on the banks of Valapattanam River. Anyone can visit the temple regardless of caste or creed. Sree Muthappan, the diety at this temple is Kiratha (the hunter) incarnation of Lord Siva. There are no idols in the temple. Muthappan Theyyam is the major ritual here and it is a dramatic folk dance. During Theyyam dance, the deity takes over the body of the performer and talks through him.

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is an ideal place for nature lovers. Pythal Mala, a hill station is another major tourist attraction in Kannur. Ezhimala is another beautiful location that attracts plenty of visitors.

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